Hylete Reviews – Hylete Flexion Jacket

Hylete Flexion Jacket

Hylete Reviews - Hylete Flexion Jacket


I’m 5’ 10”, 185lbs, and wear a large in most jackets. I read the online reviews for this item and decided a medium would be the best fit for this particular jacket. The size chart indicates that a medium will fit well for a body length of 27 7/8””, chest width of 21” and sleeve length of 32 3/8”. These measurements are the same for the Flexion Half-Zip Pullover but fits nowhere close to the same. Normally, I size down to get a tighter fit, but this medium fit is much bigger and I would almost suggest buying a small. Because of the exact similarity of the website sizing, I’m not sure if this is an anomaly or they just fit bigger. The jacket fits much bigger as it is larger on my arms, reaches six inches past my waist band in length, and is loose on the chest as well as everywhere else.


All the features are the same as the Flexion Pullover. It has the zippered left sleeve that accommodates my Razer 2 phone (6.24 x 3.1 x 0.33 inches), zippered front pockets, but added on are two inside pockets that do not zip. The sleeves are very long here but do have thumbholes to keep your hands warm if you forget to bring gloves.


Typical Hylete pricing applies here, retail is $130, online is $96, and team pricing is $78. You can also use my one-time, one-order discount for an additional $20 off.

Final Thoughts

I wish I loved this as much as the Flexion Pullover, but it’s just too big on me. It’s a nice jacket for layering since it’s big, but I’m not sure if I’d want to buy a small and not enjoy the fit. As I said before, perhaps I just got a one off, or a mislabeled product. As of now, I just don’t want to buy another to find out. And yes, I did keep the jacket, it’s nice despite its size. Hopefully I’ll find someone with another medium to compare it to. Skip this one and buy the pullover.

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