Hello fellow (or future) CrossFitter! If you’re looking for CrossFit Shoe Reviews, Hylete Promo Codes, and unbiased CrossFit and functional fitness information, you’re in the right place! I’ve been a CrossFit Coach for over three years and have been doing the sport twice as long as that. I find that it’s important to find the right shoes and gear for each workout.

I’ve tried numerous brands and every time I think I’ve found the best shoes and clothing, someone comes along to either improve on their past design, or quite frankly; make it worse. Being a clothing and shoe addict, I enjoy taking the time to sit down and review these for you.

This is my blog page, but if you want a more in depth review with video, I transfer all of these over to my YouTube site. If you happened to find this page first though, have no fear, I also post them here for you also! I encourage you to follow not only my YouTube but my Instagram to keep up with my newest reviews. I also encourage you to give me feedback so I can give you the best reviews possible!

  • Hylete Reviews – Hylete Fuse Short

    $20 Off Hylete Promo Code The newest in my collection of Hylete reviews is ironically also the newest in their line of shorts: the Fuse. As always, I like to begin these by letting you know I’m 5’9” and weigh about 185 pounds. In most shorts, including Hylete, I wear a medium because I have… Read more

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