Hylete Reviews – Flexion Half-Zip Pullover

Hylete Flexion Half-Zip Pullover

Hylete Reviews - Flexion Half-Zip Pullover


I’m 5’ 10”, 185lbs, and wear a large in most jackets. I read the online reviews for this item and decided a medium would be the best fit for this jacket. The size chart indicates that a medium will fit well for a body length of 27 7/8”, chest width of 21” and sleeve length of 32 3/8”. This jacket is a perfect fit, but I prefer a tighter fit in workout apparel as opposed to sport and formal wear. The jacket fits well on the arms, reaches three inches past my waist band for length, and fits snug to the chest, but not tight.


Like the Hylete Apex, this coat has a zippered on the left sleeve that snugly fits my Razer 2 phone (6.24 x 3.1 x 0.33 inches). Because of the tight fit, it’s obvious to onlookers that there is a phone in there. There are also two outside pockets, but unlike the Apex, these pockets are zippered and will also fit my phone. There are no inside pockets, but this is a pullover so that makes sense. The sleeves are a bit longer as they have thumbholes to use to keep your hands warmer, just in case you forget to wear gloves.


Typical Hylete pricing applies here, retail is $125, online is $92, and team pricing is $75. You can also use my one-time, one-order discount for an additional $20 off.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this pullover. It’s 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex. It is a little heavier than the Apex which makes it great for summer camping. It is also great for short runs and hikes in cool weather and longer ones in colder weather. The material is substantially than the Apex and hasn’t “pilled” after several washes. The price falls in line with what you would expect for this quality, but with their team and referral discounts, this jacket becomes an absolute bargain. My only real gripe is that their hooded/full-zip version doesn’t fit the same.