Hylete Reviews – Vertex II Shorts

Vertex II Flex-Knit Pocket Short

Hylete Reviews - Vertex II Shorts

I’m 5’10, 185 pounds, with an athletic build and my weight can fluctuate by plus or minus 5 pounds every week. The Vertex II fits perfectly on my 32-inch waist. So, these shorts are true to size stated on their webpage description for a medium fit. They sit on my waist perfect without having to tie the draw string. Like most of their shorts, they come in three lengths; above knee, regular, and long. I prefer the long and at my height they go past the bottom of my knee cap by about an inch and a half.


The best feature of these (and all their workout shorts) is the side zip pocket. It rides down the left and right sides of both hips which allows items in your pocket to have the tell tale “bulge” of either your wallet or cell phone. I myself have a giant phone (Razer 2) and it fits perfectly in the pocket while being fully zipped. The draw string is set up with holes that allow you to either have them inside or outside of the waist band. The material is 90% Polyester and 10 % Spandex, which allows a nice stretch for all your activities. Whether you’re lifting in the gym or running outside, the material is rugged (double stitched) and breathes well. I have a pair of the first Vertex shorts that have held up for six years and they look just as good as my new ones.


Hylete pricing can be somewhat confusing as they have “retail versus Hylete” pricing on each of their products landing pages. The shorts retail for $68 but buying them through their site is $56. Certified Trainers and Service Personnel have discounts (described below) that will drop the price of these shorts to $41. You can also use the link I’ve provided, one time, to get an additional $20-30 off a single order.


I’ve tried a lot of shorts, and in all honesty, Hylete offers the best overall value. Even at the retail price (which you won’t pay on their site), these shorts are a steal. They are durable, true to fit, and a great looking product. Their heavy hitter competitors; Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, (to a lesser extent Lulu Lemon), etc., all offer stylish shorts, but fall well short of Hylete’s overall quality. I highly recommend these, as I have recently switched out more than eleven pairs of the aforementioned brands for Hylete’s Vertex, Helix, and Verge shorts.

Discount Information

Certified trainers and service personnel receive a 40% off retail price, but requires verification. Trainers will have to provide current training credentials, while service members will have to prove their active duty or veteran status. Both are easy to do as I’ve done both but doing both won’t provide an additional discount.

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