My new favorite hoodie: The Hylete Linear Tech.

Hylete Reviews – Hylete Linear Tech Hoodie

Hylete Reviews - Hylete Linear Tech Hoodie


I’m 5’10” and weigh 185lbs. I’m a huge fan of American Apparel hoodies and wear a size large in those. However, they have since been bought out by Gildan and I’m unsure of their fit now, so I went in search of a replacement. Being a fan of Hyete, and after researching their reviews, I decided on a medium. Their website izing chart says it will fit for a body length of 27 7/8”, a chest width of 22”, and sleeve length of 26 ½”.

Be forewarned that I do like my sweatshirts to fit a bit tighter so a medium is a snug fit, but I absolutely love how it fits on me. Curiously these measurements are similar to (another favorite) the Hylete Flexion Pullover which measurements are 27 7/8”, 21”, and 32 3/8” respectively. The sleeve length is much longer, but I imagine that’s for the holes in the cuffs the Flexion has that act as hand warmers. I mention this closeness in sizing because they fit much differently despite both being a size medium. The Linear Tech fits more snug, but looks amazing anyway.


Just as in their jackets, there is a a zippered pocket located on the left sleeve. This pocket fits my Razer Phone 2 (6.24” x 3.1” x .33”), but because of the fitment of the sleeves, looks like a giant rectangle on your arm. It’s also worth mentioning that I own two of these hoodies and if you apply too much force the zipper will come off. It will go back on, but takes patience, and will not come off if you have a softer touch.

Another fantastic feature is the double front pockets. Layered on top of each other, the outer is an always open pocket, while the inner (or kangaroo pockets) are zippered. In my opinion this is the best feature as zippered pockets are great when you’re outdoors and need to carry more than just your phone. Rest assured your keys, wallet, and pretty much anything else will be fine zipped away inside these pockets.


If you can find this retail they run $86, but most likely you’ll pick these up online at a cost of $58. Military and Trainer “teams” can pick this hoodie up for $51.60, and you can get an additional $20 off if you use my one-time discount code.

Hylete Reviews - Ladies Linear Tech Hoodie
Ladies get the best colorways on Hylete

Final Thoughts

This is my new favorite hoodie and a suitable replacement for my American Apparel’s. The 62% Viscose, 33% Polyester, and 5% Elastane blend makes these quite warm and machine washable. They do not appear to pill after several washes and don’t appear to shrink much if at all. I will say that if you don’t like a tighter fit like I do, I would size up. If you like a “baggier fit” size up twice but be aware the largest fit is double xl. The only real disappointment here comes in the colorways as only three are available. For men those colors are black, navy, and olive. While women get cool gray, black, and (the color I really want) sea.

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