Is it worth filling up your basket with $150 of merchandise to get free stuff from Hylete?

Hylete Reviews – Hylete’s Free Stuff

Hylete Reviews - Hylete Deals
NOTE: Above picture is an example, it does not represent a current deal.

I’ve made no reservations about the fact that I love Hylete and their athletic sportswear. I’ve been both happy and unhappy with their products over the years. But every so often they offer an incentive to buy a little bit more and get something in return. This is a pretty good marketing tactic for them as it gets you to fill up your cart with a few more items. Doubly it acts as a way for them to have you try out a few of their other products to see if you might like them, and in turn buy them on your own. So, below I’ll review a few of those items and try to justify whether or not you should add a few more items to get them yourself.

Apex Light Compression Short

Hylete Reviews - Apex Light Compression Short

Underwear is a hard sell for me these days, I thoroughly love MeUndies and own about 98 pairs of them. That being said, I’m always willing to try new pairs and getting a pair free never hurts the wallet. Hylete offers two pair, the first of which is the Apex Light Compression Short. Like their Vertex and Helix shorts they are a 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex Blend. They breathe well when worn with shorts, but I don’t recommend using them for anything other than workouts. They are much like Under Armour shorts in fit, but as an “everyday wear” they are just a little too hot. The length can also be an issue as they tend to bunch up and crowd “the boys.” If these are offered, maybe wait a week for a different item.

Icon Performance Boxer Brief

Hylete Reviews - Icon Performance Boxer Brief

The next pair they offer is the Icon Performance Boxer Brief. It’s a pretty much straight forward standard pair of underwear. At 31% Bamboo Rayon, 32% Rayon, 31% Cotton, and 6% Spandex, they breathe well under everyday clothing such as jeans, but may not be the first choice when it’s time to work out. They are also long and tend to bunch up, but are a much better choice overall than the Apex. If these are the freebie, they are definitely worth picking up, but you won’t be running to change out your drawer for them.

Quad Blend T-Shirt

Hylete Reviews - Quad Blend T-Shirt

I’ve actually gotten two pair of these. The first was a large and fit a little big, so the second time around I picked up a medium. These shirts are good, but not great. Full disclosure, I actually gave both of these away in the donation bin. The quad-blend is the same as the above-mentioned Performance Boxer Brief. I also reviewed their polo that uses this same material. While it’s a great shirt, it’s rather plain. Also, it is an absolute lint magnet so if you throw this in the laundry with anything other than others shirts prepare to lint roll. I would pass on this and buy their regular shirts.

Tri-Blend Crew Tee

Hylete Reviews - Tri-Blend Crew Tee

It’s a little more rare (surprisingly) that these pop up in their offers, but it does happen. This is a pretty standard tri-blend shirt and fits true to size with comparable brand fits being Canvas and Next Level. Their designs (in my opinion) aren’t very well thought out, so a lot of these hit the clearance bin. They’re usually not very high demand either, so if you have an eye on one, wait a month or two and it’ll inevitably make its way to the $15 rack.

Other Deals

You will start to see a trend in their freebies as it seems like they rotate the deals above once a week. If you miss a deal that you liked, just wait a week or two before ordering. I’d also suggest if you’re military or a trainer, to sign up for their team discounts and get an extra 40% off. You can also use my code one time and get $20 off one order.

A lot of times you can stack deals, the only real “penalty” is you will only earn points on your total spent, rather than the cost of the items. You can really maximize these deals as they offer bonus points for ordering (200) and double points on certain weekends. You can’t always stack bonus deals, but military with the team price are usually given an additional 10% on special days. In closing, they do offer quite a few incentives to shop, so definitely take advantage of their extra!

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