Contacts Review – Where’s the best place to buy contact lense online?

The Top Three “FaceBook” Contact Lenses and the reason Aveo and Hubble blocked me.

Authors Note: Aveo and Hubble have blocked me on Facebook.

In my experience, the three contact lense companies that pop up the most on Facebook are Hubble, Aveo, and Waldo. All of these brands offer a free trial and that was what I used for my review and comparison.

Attached is my YouTube review of all three, scroll to the bottom to watch it, or click the link.
Disclosure: I have terrible vision (-6.50L and -7.00R), with a slight astigmatism in my left eye.

Hubble Contacts

Visibility: Hubble has an in-depth marketing campaign. They are plastered all over Facebook and if you happen to be looking for contacts, they will fill your search engine top list and be all over your Instagram feed. They offer 30 lenses for a dollar and that alone might compel you to give in. Might.

The Rub: Now while they claim to give 30 for one-dollar shipping, the fine print here is that they mean individual lenses, so you only get 15 pairs. Not only that, but there is even more fine print: once the dollar, two-week trial ends, it signs you up for automatic renewal.

Epiphany: I realize that most of these online subscriptions automatically renew you for their lenses, however Hubble requires that you call them (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) to permanently cancel the subscription. This can be a hassle, and as of this writing, I haven’t cancelled mine, but I have postponed my next delivery until 2022. I suppose I’ll get around to it.

Review: These lenses are the absolute worst. They are dry and at times they fall out of your eye as you’re doing just about anything. An extreme example; I was getting ready to go somewhere and while standing in front of the mirror blow drying my hair and the force of the dryer blew the lens right out. A less extreme one; I was watching TV and one fell out, while I was just sitting there. This combined with the level of difficulty required to cancel puts these as the worst of the bunch.

Update: As of 15 May 2019, Hubble has blocked me from their Facebook page. I was posting my review and it seems as though they ‘re not fans of the truth.

Aveo Contacts

Visibility: Much of the same here. If you’re in the market for contacts, they will inevitably pop up in all of your feeds. What I found interesting, was I always noticed someone would use the “mad” emoji on Facebook on their ads. When I finally decided to try their free trial, I decided to click the link to see who the mystery “mad” clicker was. I figured he was being dramatic, but as it turns out, he’s an optometrist and isn’t a fan of online contacts. I decided to try them anyway (sometimes you got to listen the doctor, even when they’re not yours).

The Rub: Just as advertised you do get 30 pairs free. Not 30 lenses, but 30 actual pairs. Also, cancelling your automatic renewal is as simple as sending them an email. Although, by the second try, I had gotten a little wiser and used a prepaid card as my method of payment. When it was all said and done, these contacts cost me about four dollars to try them out.

Review: Another awful pair of lenses. While they never fell out of my face watching television, they were uncomfortable immediately, and after about four hours of use they felt dry and unbearable. I cannot recommend these lenses and I almost guarantee when you inevitably switch, you’ll have the extra laying around your house somewhere.
Update: As of 17 May 2019, Aveo has also blocked me from their Facebook page. I was posting my review and it seems as though they ‘re not fans of the truth either.

Waldo Contacts

Visibility: Not as visible as the other two brands. As I did my research to refresh my memory on all these manufacturers, I noticed that Facebook (because they’re always watching) was popping up more and more ads for Hubble and Aveo and none for Waldo. Perhaps because they are based in London is the answer to this curiosity, or maybe their US marketing hasn’t reached full swing just yet, who knows? You won’t have to look far with a Google search though (I used incognito to be sure) as they are on the first page (albeit the bottom).

The Rub: You only get 10 pairs for free with their trial and the cost is $2.95 plus tax. That is the least of the three at only ten days of contacts. Just like the others, it is setup for automatic renewal, but a few clicks on their webpage will cancel your next box before you’re charged again. The only real billing problem you’ll find with them is there is currently (4/30/2019) no way to change your card on file, only your billing address. So, if like me, you used the “gift card trick,” you’ll have to contact them via email to change your billing card info.

Review: I saved the best for last for a reason; these are by far the best in the bunch. They feel great in my eyes and only start to feel dry if I’ve worn them over 16 hours. Staring at the television on a lazy Sunday, I had no issues whatsoever. While I wish their trial provided a few more lenses, I can see why they limit the amount you get for free. These lenses are absolutely wonderful and I can’t recommend them enough.

Referral: They have a weird referral program, as they offer discounts to those you recommend them to in British Pounds. Seven £, equals roughly about nine dollars American (this changes somewhat daily). EDIT: I was contacted by Waldo and informed that the referral discount is SEVEN dollars US. So, here’s a link to my referral page if you liked my review. But, full disclosure, I do have a nice little hack that will save you monthly on their lenses. If you do a Google search for Waldo discount codes, and you don’t mind re-inputting that data into your account every month, you can get about 10% off at each renewal. Not sure if this is a yet to be fixed glitch in their system, but I’ve done it for the last three months now successfully, so take that for what it’s worth.