MeUndies Review – Is getting 20% off MeUndies worth it? What about their monthly subscription?

MeUndies Review

Preface and Podcasts

I really enjoy podcasts, and I’m sure that statement goes for most people. My group of friends is much like any other, as we often share our favorite podcasts, and have conversations on inside jokes and what happened in this week’s episode. It’s really become the new “water cooler conversation” of the 21st century. So, no doubt if you’re also a podcast fan you’ve heard at least one of them mention MeUndies.

After several months of Bill Burr and Tom Segura in my ear, I finally broke down. I used their 20% off code and bought five pair of their underwear. I used to be a three-pack of Hanes guy. My underwear would get a few holes in them, or I’d have a hot date, and rush to the local Wal-Mart or Target and buy a bulk pack. Like most men, I don’t think about my underwear much. We wash them, wear them, and buy new pairs when needed. End of story.

First Impressions/Review

When my first box of MeUndies came, it was a revelation; I tried a pair and was immediately hooked. I like to sleep nearly naked, and they felt like I was wearing nothing at all! They move well, breathe well, and quite honestly, I’m not sure why I ever settled for cotton underwear in the first place. I’m sure I’ll sound like your favorite podcast saying they use “Lenzing MicroModal that’s sustainably sourced…” blah, blah, blah. So instead I’ll just reiterate, these feel amazing, and with a money back guarantee on your first pair, it’s a win regardless.

I did a video on these several years back, that I included below. I decided to revisit them again since I love the product so much. While I will offer my code, I do not need more underwear! I would however like to share my love for this product in another format. Recently I was checking through my underwear drawer and it is exclusively MeUndies at 98 pair. You read that correctly, Ninety-Eight Pair*. Their website suggests you accumulate at least 20 so that you can have two weeks’ worth. I think ten is more than enough for a start.

Signing Up (One-Time and Subcriptions)

If you buy five and do their monthly subscription for five-six months, you’ll always have a fresh and unique pair. Their monthly subscription gives you early access to unique pairs. If you find a pair you fancy, get them ASAP as they sell out quickly. They also give you a personal link, so every friend you sign up gives them 20% off their purchase and gets you a $20 credit. Unfortunately, that credit can’t be used for your subscription, but it can be used to buy “exclusive pairs” or gifts for a friend (my girlfriend has more than her fair share).

If you use my code, you’ll get 20% off, and that’s pretty much the standard. However, I was listening to Bill Burr (episode 5-13-19), and he said his code is now 15% off, so I’d jump on whatever 20% off deal you can get ahold of. You’ll still have to pay $4 out of pocket since most of their pairs run $24 a piece, but shipping is free.

Final Thoughts

Full disclosure, sharing my code allowed me to completely fill my underwear drawer and it’s my hope that you’ll love them so much that you’ll do the same. That love for them helped me single handedly convert my first gym over to MeUndies and hopefully I can convert you too. A lot of my friends didn’t use my code and if you can find a better code, or use one from your favorite podcast, by all means, you can go that route too. I just want you to enjoy MeUndies the way I do, and I hope this purchase changes your view on underwear!

*Update: 97 undies, I finally got a hole in a pair I had for four years.