Hylete Reviews – Hylete Prime Polo

Hylete Reviews - Hylete Prime Polo

If you mean business (casual), you’re probably in need of a sturdy polo shirt. There’s no shame in saying that you’re lazy and would prefer not to iron shirts every day. So, if you’re anything like me, you’re looking for something low-maintenance, wrinkle free, and doesn’t look like you ironed the lapels with a curling iron. These polos do just that and are maybe exactly what you’re looking for, if you don’t mind the price.

Hylete Prime Polo – Fit

I’m 5’10”, 185lbs, and wear a large in most shirts. After consulting Hylete’s online guide and customer reviews I decided a large would be the best fit for this polo. Their size chart indicates that a large will fit a body length of 29 ¾”, a chest width of 21 ½”, and a sleeve length of 8 ¾”. I am “top heavy” as I have larger arms for my size (left 17.5”, right 18”), but enjoy a tighter fit around the biceps. An extra-large may have fit my arms the same or a little looser, but my 32” waist would likely make the area around my midsection look like a parachute. In short, large was the perfect fit.


As far as features go, it’s pretty much what you’d expect in a polo. It’s suitable for work, but it’s sweat wicking fabric makes it at home in the gym or tennis court. It has a nice athletic cut for showing off your hard work at the gym but is classy enough to not overdo it. The three button collar doesn’t extend down past the middle of the chest (if that question concerns you). I personally love the wrinkle free collar and it’s 90% polyester/10% spandex blend as it makes it easy to pull this straight out of the dryer and start your day.


As always, Hylete pricing is strange, but retail (which you won’t pay) is $88 and online is $62. If you’re on a team (military or trainer) that knocks the price to $52.80, which is easily in line with the more expensive polos on the market. Most Ralph Laurens will cost you between $60-$85 and won’t be as easy to wash and go when needed making this the superior choice (if you don’t mind not having a horse on your shirt).

Final Thoughts

I love these polos. They are absolutely superior to the collection that I have (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Paul Smith). They’re great for everyday use, they don’t “pill,” and the material is soft and breathable. $62 may seem like a lot, but Hylete quality lasts a long time (I have shorts of the same material that have lasted over five years). Joining their “team” will make this an absolute “must buy” and if you need an extra $20 off your first purchase, use this code.