Hylete Reviews – Hylete Plexos Pant


Hylete Reviews - Hylete Plexos Pant

I’m 5’10”, weigh 185lbs, and have a 32″ waist. I have a few joggers and in most of them I wear a medium. That being said, I consulted the online guide and sized down to a small… and they were far too big. I am not a squatter. My best lift ever has been 355lbs, so saying I have toothpicks for legs is an understatement. I resized and got an extra small, and I have to say, it’s the BEST decision I’ve ever made. I absolutely love the way they fit, despite having to know they’re super small.

As justification for the fit, one of the more popular brands of joggers is Virus. Virus joggers have a tight, almost biker short fit to them. This is the look that’s achieved by getting an extra small. I do not own any Virus joggers (they are SUPER expensive), but I’ve seen them in my gym. I’m curious about them, but until I win the lottery, they’ll just have to wait.

If you like joggers a bit baggy, I would forewarn you that the cuffs at the bottom of these are a little big. If you have big calves, it may be fine, but I’ve heard others complain (at length), that the cuff is too big for them. I don’t have this issue with an extra small, so to each their own. The size guide states that an extra small should fit a 28″ waist, 38″ outseam, 27″ inseam, and a 9″ cuff opening.

That same size guide still puts me at a medium with a 32″ waist. However the XS fits my waist perfectly, so take that with a grain of salt. I’ve also tried the Hylete jeans, trying a waist size of 30″ fit like a pair of JNCO jeans. So be aware that Hylete seems to have a loose definition of how things should fit when they’re not shorts. Apparently they think we all have legs like Brian Shaw.

Seriously. Brian Shaws legs can be seen from space.

The material is both soft and durable. They’re warm enough to wear in the winter but surprisingly breathable as they don’t get overly hot inside the gym. The material is a 79% polyester, 15% viscose, and 6% spandex blend and is surprising easy to care for. Throwing these in any load of laundry won’t make them pill, and the material hasn’t shrunk anywhere but the cuff and that’s a good thing. The only words of caution I would have is the logo will peel off over time and the black pair is a lint magnet. It may appear to be pilling on the black pair, but a quick once over with a lint roller will remedy that.

The logo does peel, but it’s small and hard to see anyway.


Just as in their shorts the side zippered pocket is here, but only on the right hand side (so lefty’s are out of luck here). The zippered pocket fits my Razer Phone 2 (6.3″ x 3.5″ x 0.6″ with its Tudia case), albeit snugly. If the pocket isn’t completely flattened out it can be a pain to put your phone in there if you’re in a hurry. In my opinion, Hylete absolutely excels in the placement of the zippered pocket. It’s the main reason I’ve tried almost all of the shorts and pants that have them. They are perfectly placed to be out of the way. I’ve even had the confidence to have my phone in them while doing Olympic lifts. It’s completely out of the way. There are two traditional front pockets, but they do not have zippers and running or lifting with stuff in those pockets will put their security at risk.


These pants are $72, and in my opinion are worth every penny. I mentioned earlier that I wasn’t ready to try Virus joggers because of their price. I would also like to state that they’re an unknown quantity to me. I am familiar with Hylete’s quality, so taking a chance with them doesn’t seem like much of a gamble. Also, as a “Team” member, I get these for $64.80. If you’re military or a trainer, you can get that deal also. If you’re not, you can use my code and get $20 off any order over 40 bucks.

Final Thoughts

I love these pants. So much so that I actually enjoy when the weather is a bit overcast just so I can wear them. They’re great for every workout or staying home on a rainy day. Even if there’s a violent shift in weather, the material and breathabilty make these comfy. They’re great in warm weather and bareable if it’s overly hot out. My only real issue is that these currently only come in two colors: Heather Gun Metal (gray) and Black. I imagine as their popularity grows, they’ll add additional colors.