CrossFit Shoe Reviews – Nike Metcon Sport

Review – Nike Metcon Sport


First Impressions

It looks like a child’s shoe. It is reminiscent of the Puma Velcro’s from growing up. Like much of Nike’s Metcon line, they are constantly improving the design by taking the Free X neoprene upper and adding the Adonis Creed Velcro strap. They look very sharp but the first thought I had was “those things are going to be terrible for working out.” I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Fit and Performance

I wear a size eleven in most CrossFit shoes, and the Nike Metcon Sport fits true to size. I have a narrow foot and it initially felt tight in the toe box, but adjusting the Velcro remedied that. I was actually impressed by how well these perform in the gym. Heel slip is a concern with most Nike Metcon’s, I have yet to experience this though, but I can say that the insert of the shoe provides a higher rise and reinforcement that allows the heel to fit snugly into the shoe.

These are great for every lift; snatches and cleans have little to no “bounce” like the Metcon Free (which is still my favorite). They are great for short distance (mile or less) runs, but can be a little heavy for anything longer. The Velcro strap is never a concern and does well to tighten and loosen the shoe depending on need. I’ve taken these shoes through the paces and I am pleasantly surprised to report that they’re a great shoe.

Update: These shoes are an absolute shit show when it comes to split jerks.

Value and Final Thoughts

The Metcon Sport runs for about $100 and can be found in a variety of colors. It’s pretty good as an entry level shoe for the price point and it’s sure to turn heads in the gym. If you’re just starting out in CrossFit, there are a few options that may cost you a lot less if you’re on the fence about the sport in general. If you’re a shoe collector, you’ll buy this anyway, but if you’re value shopping you can pick up a pair of the first Metcon Free’s (my favorite) for under $80. Also, my favorite shoe of 2016 the Reebok Workout 2.0 can still be had for around $54 on Amazon.

It’s a surprisingly great shoe, but the bottom line will always be your personal tastes and how much money you’re willing to spend. As far as CrossFit shoes go, it’s a great price point for what you get in performance and durability. As far as style, I think they’re a beautiful shoe (despite their childhood reminiscence). I suggest if you like the price and how they look, pick them up now.