The Top Five Podcasts that aren’t Joe Rogan

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Everyone loves Joe Rogan’s podcast. Certainly, one of your friends has told you about their keto diet or how they’ve bought a lifetime supply of Alpha Brain. Perhaps they’ve started elk hunting, dropped into a Jiu Jitsu class, or maybe tried DMT. Whatever their sudden newly found obsession with flat earthers or the moon landing may be, it’s probably Joe that got them hooked on it.

Personally, I love Rogan’s comedy, his last few specials Triggered and Strange Times are absolutely hilarious. His podcast however, I’ll only really watch when there’s someone I want to see featured on it. I’ll occasionally check out an episode a friend has told me about, or one that’s been making waves in the news cycle. Otherwise, with over a thousand plus episodes, I’m completely tapped out on hearing Rogan not tell jokes (ha “tapped out” because MMA #badumtiss).

If you haven’t been able to tell from my reviews, my YouTube, or even my own podcast; my personal tastes are everywhere. I love movies, shows, comedy, reviewing things, bitching about how people are constantly bitching about everything (irony much?), and all things fitness. So, my favorite podcast list, in no particular order, reflects that, and if you’re anything like me, maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

The Rewatchables

Hosted mostly by Bill Simmons, this podcast talks about movies you need to see again. He is known as a sports writer and analyst, and has his own website A lot of sports fans will already know who he is, but for those of you who aren’t into sports, you’ll be surprised by his great takes on movies.

The show votes on the most rewatchable scene, whose performance was the most over the top, and whether or not you could cast Danny Trejo in a role. They also have a portion called “apex mountain” where they debate whether of not an actor has reached the pinnacle of their career. This podcast is gaining popularity as the movies it reviews are now tagged and featured on the Vudu streaming service.

Great episodes to catch are “Mean Girls,” “Wedding Crashers,” and “Heat.” I find myself having to rewatch these movies immediately after listening to them and found myself spending the better portion of a day watching them back-to-back (unemployment has its perks).

Squat University

As followers of my blog and YouTube will know, I’m an avid CrossFit fanatic and I also enjoy my share of Olympic lifting and Strongman workouts. Squat University is a nice podcast that explains movements and proper technique. The caveat here would be that since it’s a podcast (available on YouTube also), you will have to know the movement they’re talking about and be able to use your imagination to visualize it.

This show is hosted by Dr. Aaron Horschig who has a successful Instagram page that quickly demoes workouts, stretches, and proper lifting form. He also has a great book called “The Squat Bible” if you’re not into “the gram.” His advice is insightful and he is always taking suggestions for content as well as answering just about any and all fitness questions asked of him. A definite must listen if you’re an athlete.

Thinking Sideways

Unfortunately, this podcast isn’t updated much recently. Rather than actual shows, they’ve been using it for announcements for other projects they’re working on. Hopefully they’ll get back to business as usual, but until then, the have quite a library of existing content to explore. The focus of the show is unsolved crimes and mysteries ranging from time travel to spontaneous combustion. They use internet research and common sense then follow every thread to see whether it’s possible or improbable.

The show is run by Devin, Joe, and Steve who have no formal education in the topics they discuss. This makes them both endearing and relatable since the audience can easily understand them. I found their time travel discussion to be interesting as I’m deeply interested in the subject. At times though, they can be frustrating when you know more about the subject than they do, but honestly, that only makes the show that much better.

50% Facts

I absolutely love the premise of this show as it takes a topic that the hosts have basic knowledge about and they try to explain it. After they’re done with their explanations, they then ask an expert to see what they got right and wrong. Unfortunately this mostly revolves around fitness and “bro science” subjects such as controversies over “fake sugar,” sports specific training being a “gimmick,” and why people are “mad” about carbohydrates.

Much like Squat University, some of the topics require a basic knowledge of fitness, but recently they have been delving into mainstream themes such as the controversy of Game of Thrones (which I also covered) and creating a successful YouTube page. The show doesn’t always seem to follow it’s “50% Facts” theme, but it is entertaining when you find a topic you’re interested in.

Imagined Life

My girlfriend turned me onto this one and I absolutely love it. You’re told a story through the eyes of someone famous and have a chance to walk in their shoes. During the show you’re told facts about the person, shocking details, and things you may have never known about them. As it progresses it challenges you to guess who it may be before finally revealing it at the end.

While I’d love to direct you to specific episodes, I would not want to spoil the fun of this show for you. It’s great on long trips, as me and my girlfriend love trying to see who can guess who it is first while on the road. It’s definitely great as a communal experience, but it’s also a great listen if you have time to kill and want to “actively participate” in a podcast, rather than just use it as background noise.

Honorable Mentions

I think it would be fair to mention shows that I love as a “just because.” These are staples and wildly successful, but if you need a Rogan break, they might fill that void.

Your Mom’s House

By far one of my favorite podcasts. Recently they’ve upgraded their studio space and had higher profile guests on. Honestly though? It’s made the show a little stale. The best episodes are those where the hosts (married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazintsky), vibe off of each other. Luckily there is a library chock full of material as they’ve recently celebrated their 500th episode. I suggest if you don’t know who they are, check out their specials on Netflix and decide if their brand of comedy suits you. If it does, dive in and bring your “Bristol stool chart” because it will get real weird, real fast.

It’s also worth mentioning that the show has spun off into other podcasts under its umbrella. Fans of Dr. Drew will be delighted to know he has a new podcast “Dr. Drew After Dark” which has found a home with YMH. Also, their comedian friend Ryan Sickler has started a show there called the “Honeydew.” Lot’s of varying content, with one common theme; YMH fans are crazy.

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

I feel like this show is a ringer since Bill is pretty much a household name at this point. As one of the more successful comedians of the current generation, it’s hard to believe there are people out there that wouldn’t know who he is. While the show for the last year or so has been mostly Bill Burr talking about sports, when Bill gets into politics or recent news, he really shines. His views on population control and famous people are polished in this format. It’s almost as if he’s practicing his act before he takes it on the road. So, if you’re a hardcore fan, you may recognize where he began an idea before he brought it to the stage.

My Podcast

Finally, now that I’ve suckered you into coming here to read the post, I might as well let you know that I too have a podcast. If you’re bored, go check it out!