Shoe Preface

I like to do these prefaces, so you can get an idea of what type of shoe I like and how I expect them to fit. That way you can use that data to make a more educated decision. I wear a size 10 in Chuck Taylor’s and have a skinny foot. I think it’s important to use a shoe example that I feel like everyone owns at least one pair of. So, while the Chuck fits me perfect in a ten, I wear a size eleven in everything else. It is rare that a size eleven fitness doesn’t fit me perfectly.

I had an acquaintance in Baltimore who ran Ironman’s.  He was very passionate about how a shoe fits and was adamant that “you should never have to break a shoe in” and that it “either fits or it doesn’t.” I have to say that I 100% agree with that, because breaking in a shoe is unacceptable. I need a shoe to fit perfect and will try on a variety of sizes until it fits just right. In all my shoe reviews I reiterate this because I want you to know how the shoe feels, how it fits, and what it’s good for.

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