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CrossFit shorts. I’ve been through quite a few in my six plus years of the sport. I would tend to fall in love with trends and will go out and purchase whatever brand is hot at the time. I was a huge supporter of Livesore and was a proud member of their ambassador family. While I love them as a brand and have met their owner at trade shows, I was looking for something a bit more sturdy. As it would happen, that was exactly what I had right under my nose the whole time.

I’m a military veteran. I don’t say that to get a “thank you for your service” out of you. I did my time and I’m a proud recipient of a DD214, which I acquired with seven years of honorable service. That being said, I’ve always gravitated towards brands that are veteran owned, and I am completely unashamed to take advantage of my military discount. So, on a whim, I purchased a pair of Vertex Hylete shorts from GovX.com. I found them to be comfortable, well built, and fell in love with the pocket that rides the outside of each hip with a zipper to keep your valuables from slipping out.

I didn’t think much of the pairs that I had, because they weren’t flashy. They didn’t come in very many bright colors. They didn’t have their name emblazoned across the side with a giant logo. They were plain. A it turns out, there is joy in simplicity. In the game of functional fitness, simplicity is well, functional. I trained hard and at one point decided to do a Spartan race. Almost intuitively, I grabbed my dark blue pair of Hylete shorts, since the zippered pocket would not only hold my phone (that I bagged in a Ziploc), but would be held at an angle against my hip as to not easily damage my expensive tech. I absolutely destroyed those shorts. Or so I thought.

There is something about playing in the mud, where you pretty much just know that whatever you’re wearing is toast. It didn’t matter that the shorts were blue, the mud was absolutely caked into it. Every seam, every stitch, was completely packed with mud. Not only that, but the hundred-degree temperatures that day really worked to bake in the mud. If you’ve ever worn a garment to play in the mud, you pretty much know it as a fact that the combination of mud and sun, will not only stain, but discolor a material permanently. Sure enough, after I washed them, there was mud still caked in, and the dark blue appeared to be light grey. It was pretty much game over for these shorts. But once again, that’s only what I thought.

I decided to wash the shorts a second (and last) time, before I inevitably tossed them in a box for future donation. However, much to my surprise, the mud completely washed out. Proudly, six years later I’m writing a preface to a review wearing those exact same shorts. A year prior to this, I had decided to switch out ALL of my shorts out with Hylete, and that was what led me down the road of trying out all of their products.

Clothing brands aren’t without their problems. In the case of Hylete, I feel as though what keeps them from being a more household name in fitness is their prices and their reviews. In my opinion, their prices are more than competitive, but their “retail versus Hylete” pricing can be a bit confusing. Also, their sizing isn’t very informative, and the reviews don’t help remedy that when they consist of one- or two-word answers like “Awesome” or “Great Fit.” So, in each review, I will set out to let fellow consumers know how they fit and give a thorough review.

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